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Michelle McClellan created Inside Envy LLC from her dreams, her passion, and God's graciousness. She specializes in luxury design with the practicality of everyday living. Michelle is known for her dedication to excellence, captivating style, and for exceeding client expectations.  Michelle by nature is a relationship builder and places a strong emphasis on open and frequent communication.  She prides herself in working closely with clients to create environments that reflect their personal style. By listening attentively, she brings their vision to life. Michelle enables her keen attention to fine detail while keeping an eye on the big picture.  From concept to completion, she makes the process as seamless as possible, enjoyable, and stress free. Michelle finds inspiration by helping others turn their dreams into reality.  Her ultimate goal is to bring happiness through decor and design creating beautiful backdrops to live in.


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Inside Envy LLC specializes in assisting you with selecting and purchasing everything you need to complete your interior project.  We will help you create a home that reflects your unique style.  Let us shop, price, order, and expedite your purchases. We are dedicated to acquiring the right furnishings, fabric, and color.  We will be happy to work with you on your new construction, remodeling project, or staging for home sales efficiently.  Inside Envy will make your space functional, and beautiful.  We believe design should be accessible to everyone. Inside Envy utilizes a network of venders and suppliers to provide clients with the best array of furnishing options. So what are you waiting for? The end result will be a stunning, comfortable place where it is ok to stay home, take your shoes off, and relax.  Remember... "its what's on the inside that matters most".

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If you would like further information or to set up an appointment, please use the form below to contact me.

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